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International Trade during Holiday Seasons The Holiday Seasons is a time when many businesses try to beat out there competition by having the most sales. Starting around Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s day most businesses have the most sales and make the most profit during the Holiday Seasons, for an example Wal-Mart makes a huge percentage of its profit during Thanksgiving and Christmas. International trade during the Holiday Seasons is key to success in businesses that uses imports to get there products from overseas. Once the Holiday Season starts the United States will be ordering more products and requiring more shipments from China, Asia, North and South Korea, and Europe. China is the leading import and export company that the United States does business with year round, when the Holiday Season starts many American Businesses double if not triple there shipment import from China. Out of all the Holidays during the year Christmas is the biggest of them all, mostly every Business has a Christmas sale, from clothes to toys there is a sale on just about everything. Revenues of a company’s business most likely are to go up during this time because most consumers will spent their last dollar on food and products such as Christmas trees, presents for kids, traveling arrangements and “Big Ticket Items” (Products that average consumers don’t buy all the time). Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years are the days that business wait for all year long because they know that consumers are looking for the best deals and will spend more money on these days than any other out of the year. In the ancient days the notion of international trade was not familiar. In its place, international trade was referred to as trading activities conducted overseas or over long distances. The history of international trade shows us how trade use to take place among a

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