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Website Analysis Comparison The two websites chosen for the analysis are Chase and Bank of America. The website checklists are a great way of comparing the two sites. The Chase website overall is above average. The home page has a menu and also has a search option on the top right. The menu on the home page lists all the type of products Chase offers. This website would be great for anyone who is an existing customer or even a new customer. The website is looks very user friendly and this would be beneficial to the consumer who is on the website the first time. There are many ways to be in contact with someone if there are any questions or help needed. On the top of the page there is a Branch and ATM locator which would help receive additional information. Right next to the locator link, the contact us link would direct to the correct department.…show more content…
The back button can be used to go the previous page. The site has a special link Chase Security Center which explains how Chase protects the consumer from fraud. The website was last updated this year. The great thing about the website is from any link on the site the Chase Logo redirects back to the home page. There isn’t any type of music that is playing from website but the small animations make it worthwhile to read. Chase’s website is in the banking industry and the language used has to do with the financial world. The great thing on the website is they have a positive message about hiring 10 veterans a day. With regards to its text, it’s direct to the point. The information on the website updates on a daily basis especially since rates of CDs, Mortgages, and Savings Accounts change every day. On the home page there is a column which news on the company and the industry which will have any award Chase has

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