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Information technology improved in past few decades, people can understand other countries through accessing internet like the Hong Kong tourism board (henceforth HKTB) website. The chosen front page is a multi-modal text which provides useful guiding information to tourists. This webpage analysis is to find out the underlining meaning of the usage of text and images, thus analysis includes language, images, colour and lexical and image cohesion 1. Language analysis The webpage divided into five main sections and all are filled with written text. The study of register, appraisal system and hypermodality are elements used to distinguish the language. . 1.1 Register analysis Martin (1984, p.152) mentions the term ‘register’ for the study of relation between language and context of situation. Register includes three categories, field (the topic), mode (refers to the channel) and tenor (refers to the relationship and attitude) (Martin, 1984). The field of this website is the introduction of Hong Kong (henceforth HK). The relation is foreigners, HK citizens and HKTB. The attitude of the text is positive and polite. The mode used to communicate with the audiences is multimodal text, hyperlinks and colours. 1.2 Appraisal system analysis Martin and Rose (2007) suggest that appraisal is a system of interpersonal meanings which tell readers the feeling towards things and people. Appraisal system has three main aspects: attitude, graduation and engagement. According to Martin and Rose (2007), attitude has three aspects, affect (people’s feelings), judgement (people’s character) and appreciation (the value of things). From table 1, attitude is mostly found in the text and appreciation applied most among the three aspects. This website is about selling and introducing the goodness of Hong Kong, therefore positive appreciation words grade up the

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