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Website Review and Critique WebMD is an Internet database containing medical, pharmaceutical, and health-related information. The site has a few interesting features, including a symptom checker, which allows the user to enter thier gender, age, and any symptoms, divided by body part, and the program will tell all the possible maladies that might be affecting the user. Keep in mind that it is no substitute for a doctor or other medical professional. Another service the site offers is a pill identifier, which allows the user to enter a description of the pill in question. The application will then list what the drug is, giving them a link to the drug's WebMD database entry. The site also provides self-diagnosis quizzes that ask a series of questions about a specific malady and returns the probability that the user suffers from the condition. The site stresses the fact that these quizzes are in no way a substitute for the professional opinion of a trained medical doctor. The site itself is divided into topics of interest, such as Drugs and Supplements, Healthy Living, Eating and Diet, Parenting and Pregnancy, Mental Health, as well as the general “Health A-Z” section. The site is very user-friendly, with all the information being very well-organized and easy to find. Each section has its own information portal devoted to that specific topic, and feature links to topics related to the section, news articles, tips and tricks, and much more. Each portal is a site unto itself, with a similar layout to the main site in terms of appearance and function, making it very straight-forward and easy-to-use for those who have no experience with computers, but still would like to or need to access the information on the site. The site flows very well, with links to relevant information at the end of each article, as well as links to the definition and explanation of

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