Web Server Proposal Essay

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Web Server Proposal The “Showtime Sound & Lighting System” has undertaken a project to upgrade to relevant technologies. The main aim of this project is to develop a server software platform for Sound & Lighting System. This project has been developed to carry out the processes easily and quickly, which is not possible with the current manual systems process. This proposal provides the complete solution to provide excellent customer service and time management. The solution provides excellent services and removes the repetition in order to nurture the needs of the customer by providing various options to tasks. Also, it will improve time management to handle a larger volume of business. Current Problems faced by the system Currently, the traditional manual system holds the information on clipboards until it is entered keyed into a computer system. The current system is the one that evolved as the company grew from a part-time, one-man business to a full-time operation with permanent employees. The system does not ensure that the services can be provided to the customer’s needs. They are using computers to store the information or customer data i.e. proposals, orders and invoices, in MS-WORD documents and thus redundancy of data is created which leads to inefficient programming and also decrease in the productivity. System Requirements The proposed system is intended to help the user keep account of his customers in a more efficient way. This will provide excellent services and increase overall productivity. It helps to handle the large volume of business and to remove the redundancy from the current process. The system is required to run in a more efficient way thus save time. So, first of all the manual system should be transitioned for more efficient business processes. I will implement a Managed Dedicated Server for your online business. In this new era of

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