Web Develepors Essay

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Q1.What type of work is performed in web development? What might be a typical day like? Web developers create websites to help firms have a public face. They are divided into three sub skills web design, web programmer, and web master. In the field of Web developers following type of work is performed: * Write the underlying code that turns a website design into an efficient, functional reality * Tend to be detail-minded * Program the user interfaces * Create scripts that allow special functions to be carried out by website users * Are able to utilize a range of programming tools to achieve the desired functionalities of a given website * Work primarily with a variety of different web frameworks and programming languages such as JavaScript,ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Ajax and others * Generally have expert knowledge of HTML and a strong understanding of CSS and how to use it efficiently * Sometimes have trouble understanding design concepts and choices * Even though designers and developers are different, they still have to work together. It takes open collaboration between them to produce quality websites that generate the results that a client or employer needs. * Web designers and developers are often both involved in planning user interfaces and experiences.

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