Web Based Software For Human Services Essay

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Web-based Software for Human Services BSHS/352 April 30, 2012 Web-Based Software for Human Services Human Services is meeting the needs of individuals through commitment and quality services. In the human service profession, one promotes improvements and addresses the situation in search of helpful solutions. The following information is on functional areas of human services. The functional area of human services chosen is on client services. Client services cover a wide range of assistance in the human service field. Some web-based programs benefit functional areas of human services. Team C researched web-based programs available to human service programs. The following information will address the purpose of web-based software, the benefits, and how the software can be utilized within client services. Software Enhancing Functional Areas In a human services organization software could be used to enhance functional areas. In the functional area of client services software would allow a case manager to streamline a client’s intake and registration process. These data bases allow the case manager to increase the timeliness in which he or she can identify which services the client and the client’s family is able to receive and how soon the client can begin receiving services. This process would individualize the client’s case file to accommodate his or her individual or family needs. It would track the services that the client is receiving with the organization and will track any service provisions involving the client or the client’s family. The case manager benefits greatly from software for client services. Software allows for maximum access for the case manager to his or her clients. The case manager can get clinical documentation, progress notes, client information, and scheduling on the same web-based system without having to keep

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