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Web Based organizations "The virtual organization is the name given to any organization which is continually evolving, redefining and reinventing itself for practical business purposes." (Hale & Whitlaw, 1997) A Web based organization is a new and upcoming organizational design for dynamic organizations. This case deals with the advantages and the benefits of a web based organization. Approach The benefits of a web based organization are illustrated in the case through various examples from the industry such “Intel Corp” and “Eli Lilly & Co.”. The case further demonstrates the individual needs of each of these organizations to move or adopt such an organizational structure to the benefit of the organization. In this study various organizational designs/structures are discussed and evaluated to contrast, define and demonstrate the web based organizational design. Additionally the downsides of the discussed web based organizations are also evaluated. Discussion An organizations speed, collaboration and teamwork could be facilitated through an organizations structure. An organizations structure is a formal system of task and reporting relationships that controls, co-ordinates and motivates employees so that they coorperate to achieve an organization’s goals. An organizations structure is a result of the organizing process. This organizing process involves 5 key jobs- 1) Designing jobs- This is the task of determining an individual’s work-related responsibilities. When determining an individuals work related responsibilities an organization must always ensure that the individual is given a KPI of efficient on time in full delivery of work. This will be very useful for the organizations effectiveness in terms of speed as this will be part of each employee’s appraisal thereby ensuring the speed of the organization. Further,

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