Web Based Learning Essay

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IT has become the integral part of society with gripping masses to the internet as a favoured means of communication. This has opened doors to for innovative ways of learning and storing information online. One such impact has been cast on the education sector with web-based education technology making learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. It makes content more readily available, increases efficiency of education by creating a virtual environment for instructors and students to interact within. Providers such as WebCT (Blackboard) in UK have undertaken to manage change and adoption of this kind of technology for future learning. Instructors adapt this productive tool to engage student(s) in a virtual learning environment. Some have adapted their teaching methods freeing up space and time and cost (as web based products are less expensive and easy to manage than paper based content).3 Web-based education uses streaming videos and the more advanced functionalities available in educational software a making it either a replacement or an adjunct to classroom-based teaching. The benefits of Web-based teaching include flexibility that allows the student to choose the time and place where they study, ease of access for the student and academic staff regardless of distance, and documentation of use. There also are disadvantages to Web-based learning including the costs of equipment and Internet access, technical problems with software and hardware, and risk of students developing an isolated learning environment. Also, in some situations, technology has been/is used for technology's sake rather than to achieve sound educational goals. There are seven important functionalities in web-based education: 1. real time announcements, 2. posting of text, html, spreadsheets, videos, PowerPoint, audio files, 3. real time grade book,

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