Web Based Communications Essay

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Explore some of the similarities and differences between spoken conversation and web-based communication such as Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. Multi-modal talk refers to speech that involves more than one mode. There are three different types of modes: mode one includes writing, mode two includes speaking and mode three includes combining both mode one and two. This has become more common since the creation of social networking sites and texting. Ever since the first text message was sent in December 1992 texting has become a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone has sent a text in their life, and everyone knows what a text is. A text occupies a space between the different types of mode and writing. The language of text has been used to abbreviate and compress words, due to the fact that you can only include 160 words in a text. The example that I have looked at is a transcript from the television show The Apprentice, and an online conversation and I will be analysing them and comparing and contrasting the two. The first extract that we will be looking at is a transcript from The Apprentice. It is clear that this is mode one, as it is a text where people are speaking. This piece of text includes slang, which is a factor in mode 1 multi-modal language; ‘Jim: …straight off the bat…’ This is a use of slang language and it is used in a way to seem friendly. The use of slang is used again on the second page to create another less formal conversation; ‘Jim: … tighter than a dog’s behind…’ The usage of slang in a conversation makes the speech friendlier and less formal as it is less
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