Web Animation Evaluation Paper

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Introduction I will be evaluating my web animation for Unit 65. The web animation is about 4 seconds long in the format of a Flash file, and is supposed to be used on my website for an electronic musician who goes by the name of Sadhu, aka Stephen Colsell. In hindsight, I felt that this assignment was quite challenging as I had little to no experience of using Adobe Flash, however all in all I felt it was quite enjoyable, and in the end, I came out with a result I was somewhat proud of. Planning As mentioned above, I have little to no experience in Adobe Flash, or any form of animation for that matter. Therefore, my planning played a critical part in achieving a final product of which I would be proud of. Luckily for me, the design element of the animation was made somewhat easier as I already had a colour theme/scheme laid out by both the branding of Sadhu as an artist, and the website which I already constructed. Using both of these as inspiration, I began to lay out a brainstorm (see above) of what could be done in the animation. My first initial thoughts/idea was to create an advert which had nothing to do with Sadhu, but rather something related to the genre of music that he makes. I began to explore music promotion blogs and electronic music magazines to name a few, which I could advertise on Sadhu’s website. These,…show more content…
Having my basic layout of my object, I then began to add in keyframes. I decided that the gun would fire out letters, and then slowly fade out of the picture. Therefore, I added about 30 frames. In each frame, the gun starts to rotate slightly, to give off the impression that it’s losing control, whilst shifting to the right and slowly getting out of the picture. For this part of the construction of my animation, I felt that the onion skin tool really helped me in letting my gun move to the right in proportion with the whole
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