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The Internet is a very powerful and complex tool that has gained popularity and use in the recent decade. Working with the Internet is more than just browsing web pages and checking your e-mail. With new users, web sites, and ideas being added to the cyber world every day, the possibilities that are available to one in cyber space are limitless. The Internet started over 30 years ago as a loose collection of links to documents for assorted research centers and universities. Nowadays, the web is a multi-media, multi-tool creation that allows the world to be at your fingertips, whether it be for business or for pleasure. A recent evolution of the Internet has made this current age of the Internet to be coined "Web 2.0." The technologies behind Web 2.0 provide a richer, friendlier user experience which makes use of information in unique ways. This paper will seek to define, clarify, and illustrate the definition, as well as the components of Web 2.0 and why it is important. The phrase "Web 2.0" was coined by Dale Dougherty and Craig Cline while at a conference. They wanted a term that would highlight the new evolution of the Internet, and show the growth it has undergone. Within 15 years the Web has grown from a group work tool for scientists into a global information space with more than a billion users. Currently the Internet is both returning to its roots as a read/write tool and also entering a new, more social and participatory phase.Web 2.0 is more user-centered then the regular web usage. Users can now interact and make changes, which makes the world wide web more dynamic and user-friendly than ever before. With tons of active users and the possibilities to use the information in a variety of contexts is one of the reasons of its success. Many people feel like the “dot com” era was the turning point for the web where it left its old web 1.0 state and became

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