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Web 2.0 Megan Mitchell January 17, 2013 XBIS/219 Kimberly Wheeler Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is part of the new technology in internet tools, designed for people to be active contributors to information technology. According to the blogger, Tim O’Reilly, “Web 2.0 is a loose collection of information technologies and applications, and the Web sites that use them.” Web 2.0 shifts the computing power of a desk top towards the internet, allowing individuals and businesses to save the time and money it once took to have these capabilities. There are a couple of reasons Web 2.0 is relevant to businesses, and the two most important to almost any business person is time and money. In IT management, it is expensive and time consuming to install, configure and maintain software on a PC. Web 2.0 minimizes cost by making many computing needs available to the many different employees with varying needs. Information can be created, shared, stored and manipulated easily, which makes Web 2.0 more versatile than information stored on a PC. Web 2.0 has basically created a virtual community, allowing people to share, and exchange information through blogging, social networking sites, wikis, and video sharing. This has created a collaboration of information, where people can learn from other users. The downfall of this kind of internet sharing, is that anyone can take part in it. Take Wikipedia for example: the name of the site alone, implies that it is similar to an encyclopedia. The difference between the two, is that encyclopedias contain only information that has been studied, and proven where Wikipedia is an open website where users create the definitions. This can create unreliable information, and should be used with that in mind. Web 2.0 Wikipedia is a great source of collaborated information, but it is not proven in any way. This technology has impacted

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