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Introduction The reason I chose this topic was to further my understanding of a topic we discussed in class, the development of Web 2.0. This topic intrigued me because it seemed like a new cutting edge technology that was still yet to be discovered. Little did I know, Web 2.0 has been around for several years and is the underlying concept of many different websites that I visit on a daily basis. My email client happens to be a Web 2.0 application. The online map system that I use to find restaurants and movie theaters is a Web 2.0 application. The social utility that keeps me in touch with all of my friends is also a Web 2.0 app. The list goes on and on and it seems obvious that the entire Internet is evolving into this type of tool. What I found was an interesting philosophy about the direction software technology is heading and it gives some interesting foresight into what the future of the web will be. I hope you enjoy reading this paper and I hope that it provides some interesting facts about how we will be using the World Wide Web in the very near future. Introducing Web 2.0 by Leith Whitley When I first heard the term Web 2.0, I thought it meant that a web revolution was coming. The way we use the web was about to change and there would be a necessity to learn how to navigate the web in a brand new way. When I began researching this new idea, I learned that the "Web 2.0" age is already upon us and that many of the biggest web sites that I already use are in the Web 2.0 format. In fact, I'm using a Web 2.0 application to write this paper, Google Docs. Some of the most day-to-day websites that I visit, such as Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, and Wikipedia are products of this new trend. "So, what is Web 2.0?" I asked myself. What does it mean? In fact it means something much simpler than I imagined. The term was coined by Tim O'reilly in what he

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