Web 2.0 Essay

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In a world heavily based on the advancement of technology, Web 2.0 has been an ever increasing phenomenon. Infinite numbers of websites exists containing information and products of virtually any and every subject matter. Websites are created for social networking, working from home, shopping, and various forms in entertainment, including gambling, card games, etc. Advertisements on television popularize shopping online and offer added discounts and bonuses as an added incentive. Following along with the cues of society, Web 2.0 discourages interpersonal communication and venturing to new places for wants and needs while increasing the “stay-at-home” mantra. This new Web 2.0 symbolizes the shift from personal communication to technological communication. Having the internet at essentially anytime, anywhere heavily decreases the need for interpersonal communication. It can be used for ordering food, shopping for virtually any product desired from furniture to clothing, and communication with almost anyone. This communication can be accomplished through social networking, which has been ever increasing with websites such as Facebook, MySpace and the like. In addition, the rise of e-mailing decreases the need for phone calls and face to face communication. “Internet users have learned how to use the internet to avoid conflict, create conflict, and talk to people lazily. One internet forum user expresses this point well when he says, "Granted the internet means we can communicate more often, but how many times have you sent a text message or emailed someone to avoid talking to someone?"(Holbrook 2)” Many times in my own life I have used text to avoid actually speaking to them. We can take it one step further too. “Sometimes I pretend that I didn’t get a text or that my phone was not with me because I did not want to talk to them. (interviewee name)” My sister told me

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