Wearing Many Hats

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Wearing Many Hat Purpose: I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the words of wisdom, courage and long lasting impressions Dr. Maya Angelou has made in a lot of our hearts. Thesis: The work of Dr. Maya Angelou undeniably has shaped the thoughts of young women and people as a whole, encouraged and inspired us to do better, be better, and think smarter I. Introduction: Good evening everyone, my name is Helen and I am elated that we all had the opportunity to gather and celebrate Dr. Maya Angelou! Her many contributions across the world, on our television screen, and even in our laps as we digest her powerful words and thoughts from her books- has inspired so many woman young and old. Her expertise has gained her the title of Doctor and her presence is more powerful than a thunder storm. Dr. Angelou, proudly takes on a leadership role and has graciously accepts the title of one of the most renowned and influential woman of our time. She has done it all from being the first female African American cable car conductor to activist, memoirist, educator, actress, producer, filmmaker and the list continues. II. Body: A. Maya was encouraged by her dance teacher to explore the world of literature. However, it was not until after working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that she realized that she had a natural like for words; she had a gift for being able to express her thoughts, feelings and ideas literally. 1. After moving to Egypt in 1960 with her South African activist husband, Maya served as editor of the Arab Observer. In 1970 after two years of perfecting her life on paper her autobiography “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” was completed and published for the whole world to read. Her screenplay, Georgia, Georgia, was the first original script by a Black woman to be produced. a. Many people that have read Maya’s book, have felt it
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