Weapons Handling Essay

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Weapons Handling Weapons handling is paramount throughout all of the branches of service. From the Marine Corps to the Air Force if you don’t have good weapons handling it could be a matter of life and death. The reason I am writing this is because I displayed poor weapons handling at the rifle range which caused me to get dropped because I had a cracked RCO. Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. Whether you’re in the United States or you’re in country if you do not show good weapons handling not only could you pay the consequences but your fellow servicemen. Weapons handling covers a wide area from just holding your weapon to keeping positive control on it. If your holding the weapon you must make sure you never have it held where it is pointing at something or someone. Because you wouldn’t want to just be holding it and have it pointed at someone and it just happens to go off. What I messed up on was the positive control part. I was utilizing the correct weapons carry but I didn’t have the positive control that you must have when handling your weapon. As I was climbing onto the step in the pits my butt stock hit the ledge and fell off my shoulder. Which in turn lead my rifle to hit the ground and crack my RCO. I had no idea that my RCO was damaged until it was my turn to shoot. I was aiming center black but my shots were going wide right. As my coach adjusted my RCO we noticed that my shots were now going wide left. It was then determined that my RCO had two little cracks. I would never have imagined that two little cracks could mess up an RCO that bad. In conclusion, weapons handling is an important part of a Marines readiness. If his weapon is not handled properly it could put not only his life but the lives of his fellow marines at

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