Wealth Of Nations Essay

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It is no surprise that this essay was going to be educational. It has shined a new light on how, in all honesty, every use the government in a way. Whether it is actual government aid or some other form, we all are reliant on the government. Some people may not even be aware of it but without governing body regulating business, prices would astronomical, and without tax credits, they would not be able to afford the lavish life styles they have each summer. Taking a second to look at how people got to where they are in life really makes one wonder how anyone could point the finger at someone else. Although you may have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you made it or will make it on your own two feet. Those who have such wealth, though often rarely, despise it because the person with the actual wealth (a parent or guardian) has a hold over them. In that same context, while some people who are on welfare do mooch off of the government, several of them feel like they are in a rut and are bound to the government’s will. Those on welfare may also feel like less of a person for being in the situation they are in. I agree with the author partially about people shortchanging the poor. Those who are poor might have been poor all there life and that’s all they know. While on the other hand, the reason why those who are vast in wealth may say they stand on their own two feet is because that’s all they know, how to be fiscally “self-reliant”. I agree with the author that everyone should just realize that no matter who you are you will have to rely on the government in either one way or the

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