Weakness: My Analysis

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What is weakness? What you see as a weakness, I see as a fear to overcome. Im afraid of heights, Is that a weakness? Being afraid of heights isn't a weakness, it's a fear of not being somewhere stable and secure. Why do I feel weak when I have to admit my faults? It is not weak to admit your faults, it's your fear of what people will say in response to them that keep you silent. Or question them? It is not weak to question yourself, it is your fear of the answer you'll have that keeps you quiet. Or simply speak out? You don't feel weakness when you don't like to speak out, your insecurity and fear of being wrong drives you to silence. Why am I so weak? What is weakness and why is it keeping me from sharing how I truely feel? Sweetheart, you are not weak; you are afraid. Afraid of what others might say or think about you; or worse, what you'll think of yourself. Weakness is simply the lack of strength physically. You are not weak if you break down and cry when you're frustrated or sad. You are not weak if you are afraid. Even the strongest of leaders or soldiers have a fear that they have to overcome. This does not make them weak, it simply gives them something to overcome. What's life without having fears to overcome? Weakness is simply a mindset created by the fear of imperfection. So stop seeing yourself as weak, because it is only a figment of your imagination. Look at your fear of speaking out and admitting when you're wrong as a fear to overcome. You are not weak because of your fears. Fear makes you strong. Fear gives you something to beat, something to overcome. So take the challenge and prove to yourself that you are not who you fear you are or will be, because without it, you're never going to know how it feels to be

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