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Miguel Castana, the antagonist in We Were Here, is sent to juvinile hall because of the very bad thing he did. His mom could not even look him in the eyes when she delivered him to the institution. The judge sentenced him to three days in juvinlie hall and one year in a group home. While he was spending time in juvinile hall, he was supposed to be writing journal entries about his experience. Well he met Rondell, but that's not that much of an honor because he cant read, and he is way bigger than Miguel. Rondell could crush Miguel with the one of his fingers. Rondell even put his foot on Miguel's throat the day they met because Rondell called Miguel "Mexico" and Miguel did not like it, so he talked back. Miguel was moved to the group home which he named, "the lighthouse" where he violently met Mong. Miguel was…show more content…
They took the bus towads Mexico and became friends on the way, and as it turns out, Miguel stole files from the home and figured out his new friends' secrets. Mong was shot in the face when his mom was murdered, and Rondell is a very talented basket ball player. Then Mong kills himself to be with his mom. Rondell and Miguel make it to Mexico, but only just to find themselves back in California. It turns out that Miguel's grandparents are forgiving him for killing his brother, which is the big conspiracy that set this whole thing in motion. And finally Rondell and Miguel decide to stop running from their past and go back to the group home to make amenends. We Were Here is one powerful book by Matt De La Pe`na because it could help anyone understand more of themselves. Also this book could help those whom have had issues overcoming serious problems. I loved this book also because when miguel narrates it is like your a speaking to a real person. anyone going to juvinile hall should take this book with them. they could use it as a type of medicine for their wrong

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