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We We Crave Horror Movies Essay

  • Submitted by: assaultman51
  • on April 17, 2011
  • Category: English
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Why We Crave Horror Movies
1   April 2011
Crazy, Insane? We’re not out of our minds because we go watch a horror film. Its one of the things us humans do to get out of the complacency of our own everyday lives. So we want to feel our hearts race a little bit, and feel better about our lives when we see a character on the screen get their head smashed in, or get eaten by flesh hungry zombies. Whether we watch a horror film, play a video game were we have to kill the enemy, or race down a road at 160 mph while cops are chasing you, or even join a fantasy football or baseball team to fulfill that void in our lives. It doesn’t mean were crazy, were just trying to enjoy ourselves by doing something we cant or wont do in real life.
                                                The wife and I will sit and watch a horror film once or twice a month. She loves horror films, she likes the suspense, and surprises, and of course cuddling with me. When we watch horror movies the wife always asks if that can happen in real life. In some movies the plot is based on a true story so it makes it more suspenseful, and others are about entering somebody’s dream and killing the from inside their minds, those are a little bit more out there, but they still catch our attention.
                                                Playing video games like my Need For Speed is a great way to get away from real life. I love choosing my $500,000 Lamborghini before a race, color: red, and running from the cops getting up to speeds of 200 mph. At the same time I’m running from the law they put up road blocks, and spike strips to try and stop me. On the other hand I myself have tools, like my own spike strips, turbo, and EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) to stop them from chasing me.
                                                There’s other people that like playing or joining fantasy sport teams. Where they pick for example a football team and choose what players are going to be in their...

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