We, the People Essay

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We, The people. South Africa is not Libya, Egypt or Tunisia, but it has something in common with them. A huge mass of unemployed youths that is at the center of the violence rocking those countries and SA’s youth are a ticking bomb. SA government is failing its youth and it’s critical that something be done. Before we revolt as we did in 1976 but this time it won’t be about resisting the forceful introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in Black schools but it’ll be about inequality, unemployment, corruption, poverty and lack of quality service delivery. let it be known to all you MPs and politicians that South Africa belongs to none of you and for that we, the young people, intellectuals, poor people, rural youth and unskilled youth of South Africa, cannot sit and watch you drag us to the status of a failed state. The unemployment, poverty, corruption, cronyism, nepotism and inequality and other issues that we are faced with has brought out the true colours of you politicians-from the voiceless President who even when the credibility of his nation is put to the test decides to maintain his silence. Sadly, these are the leaders we have entrusted our country to. Do not be deceived in your minds even for a second, that we the people of South Africa will sit back and watch you drag our nation into a failed state. Do not be deceived that you can insult the intelligence of South Africans and make us shed innocent blood as we did in the struggle against oppression an apartheid regime. Let not your selfish political interests and the protection offered by your 'wealth' blind you to the fact that South Africans are not puppets to sing to your tune and blindly follow you. We have walked on this path before and we are wiser now. Eighteen years back, we signed the liberation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to

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