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Essay # 3 We the Living Karl Marx, a German Philosopher, is known by many as the "Father of Communism". He believed lower class workers should be compensated equally among other employees, and blamed capitalism for the poverty of the lower class. Those who follow these ideologies are known as communists or Marxists. Communism is a revolutionary movement that aspires to demolish social class and keep everyone equal. In a Communist state decisions and polices are created for the good of everyone. The government controls the economies means of production while the people give up and share their private property. (Wolff) On November 8, 1917 Lenin declared the new communist government in Russia. A dictatorship of the proletariat was put in effect and ruled by the Bolshevik party. The Bolshevik party took over the bridges, telephone exchange, banks, and government buildings, cutting off St. Petersburg (Leningrad) from the rest of the country. A Communist government was forced upon citizens of Russia; those who rebelled were considered Social Revolutionaries. (Litwin) Ayn Rand's novel We the Living tells a story about life under the governmental influence of a Dictatorship. The plot revolves around Kira Argounova, a young woman who values independence; Leo Kovalensky, the man she loves; and Andrei Taganov, a Soviet secret police officer. Through these characters as well as others, Rand portrays the battle between the ideals of communism vs. the reality of communism. We the Living does a strong job depicting how political or social catastrophes can alter the quality of family life, personal success, and happiness. The novel We the Living provides various examples of hardships families face under the influence of a Dictatorship. Under the Dictatorship private businesses of the bourgeois were nationalized; leaving many without a source of income. Soviet employees

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