We Are not Alone

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We are not alone In Bradley Hathaway’s poem, Silence, Hathaway begins the poem by asking many questions. Trying to hear God, trying to feel God inside his soul, and devoting so much of his time and life into knowing whether or not. God is actually speaking back to him, while he is crying out his sorrow, and fears. Bradley Hathaway writes his poem with much doubt and anger saying in the first line “What’s happening here” (111) Hathaway’s poem is about God not speaking to us, and about the times when we have to have faith that God will indeed come through whether we hear him or not. He continues in the first six lines, and declares that he feels so alone, and doesn’t know whether or not he can control the life he is trying to lead. In life it is hard to know whether we are doing what is right, and counting on others to guide you through our own life. It is human nature for us to expect something to fall through or make us drift from the path we were going in the first place. “Everything happens for a reason” some say, so if that is true, isn’t there someone controlling what happens. Well, that is what Hathaway is trying to figure out “…it’s all good kid … be still and silent and listen for that sound” (112). His only desire is to have God speak to him, like his father would speak to him, and let him know everything was going to be alright. Just like If a man falls onto the ground, he wants to know that God will pick him back up… he wants to hear audible words come right from the someone’s mouth so he can be one hundred percent sure this is the real deal. Not knowing and uncertainty, the constant battle with life and death, and having unguided decisions based upon doubt and fear the hardest things in life that people face. “Oh you young worrisome sparrow, find rest” (113) God wants the human race to believe that he is there, and when people are willing, God will

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