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We Need to Connect with Others to Discover Who We Are Essay

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  • on August 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "We Need to Connect with Others to Discover Who We Are" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We need to connect with others to discover who we are
To discover who we are, we have to connect with others; this is all a part of being a human. Our identities can be discovered through different kinds of things, and usually we try our best as humans to fit in with the people that we think we belong with, or we think we fit in with. No-one would really know if that is the real person they’re talking to, or if it’s just an act that we are all included in. There’s evidence to suggest that people establish identity through their physical appearance. It’s also argued that through your family and friend, and the laws of where you are shows that can make you who you are. Some people believe that events can also help you discover who you are.
To try and find out who we are we change ourselves in order to fit in with others. In reality people express their individually by changing their appearance; this includes what they wear and also their looks. People change their identity so they can be noticed by society. For example some people change their hair colour, or get piercings, and wear clothes they don’t usually wear just to fit in. It is known that in these modern days teen girls try to fit in by buying the ‘hottest’ clothing, having perfect hair, and also having the perfect bodies. They do this to try and fit in, some worry about their appearance more than their schooling. There was a survey taken in a school, of 5-12th grade girls, and the results were 59% were unsatisfied with their bodies, 47% wanted to lose weight because of magazines. It is also known that 73% of 8-12-year olds dress and talk like teens. These examples show that some try to do so much just to fit in and belong, even when it’s not their real identity. In the novella, Frankie changes, as she bought a new dress that was for older women; Berenice said that it didn’t suit her, but she didn’t care. Society is imposing on Frankie through this example, because when Jarvis and Janice arrived, she...

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