We Have Taken A City Summary

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HI 1005 Prof. N.Anastasakos Lihui, Chen Paper 1 We Have Taken a City is a book written by H.Leon Prather Sr. The book is about an event which happened in the late 19th Century, Wilmington, North Carolina. At that time, Wilmington was the largest city in North Carolina. And it is a town with a population of 20055-blacks outnumbering whites by 11324 to 8731. Before the racial massacre of 1898, compared to the South Carolina, African-American had more rights in the North Carolina. For example, blacks and whites walked the same streets, lived in the same neighbourhood, patronized the same shops and held considerable political power. Many whites are very dissatisfied to the blacks because blacls have better life and more power than them. After the white supremacy campaign of 1898. Many whites were starting to store up weapons which were getting preparation…show more content…
Blacks people were slaves in the past. The white people bought them and wanted them work for themselves. When president Lincoln freed all the African-American, the slave owners especially who are farmers were very angry with that, because they lost free workers who was earning money for them. Also, many African-American were not getting a good education and that time. Many of them can not find jobs in the society, but they need money to live. Then, many of them became robbers and it made the crime rate in the city increasing. This situation made many whites do not like the blacks. In addition, in the 1890s in north carolina, many African-American got political power. And some of them became so company owners. The whites who were believed in white supremacy were accurate with this situation. They could not accept that African-American earn more money than themselves and became a boss of them. The conflict between whites and blacks were becoming worse and worse. This is the second reason which led to the
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