We Have Lost Our Self-Sufficiency Essay

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We have lost our self-Sufficiency US/101 December 4, 2012 We have lost our self-sufficiency, because of new modern ways. With modern ways and technologies; many people would not know how to survive if faced with a catastrophic event. As we progress through our lives we are using more modern ways of living; we are not learning the older ways of living that our senior generation has knowledge of. People don’t consider how they would acquire food, heat, and other basic necessities to survive if modern ways became inaccessible. In modern society we do have many things that make our lives easier and more convenient. I feel it would be beneficial for people to learn some of the older ways of living, rather than relying too heavily on modern ways. In modern society, mankind has made life very convenient and comfortable; we have electrical appliances in every room of our home, better means of transportation that are faster. Many people have no idea how to grow vegetables; we only know if we want them in a can or frozen. Most people would not be able to stomach the simple task of butchering an animal, as our meat comes prepackaged. As we become more reliant on modern ways; the old ways of living are becoming a lost art. We have revolved into a society that relies heavily on other resources to provide the necessities we need to survive. In the older ways of life, people didn’t have the luxury and covenants that we have in today’s time. For the older generation to live, they were required to grow their vegetables, and raise livestock for slaughter. They knew how to preserve foods without the harmful chemicals found in today’s items. The old timers knew how to trap, fish, and hunt for food as well. In today’s society there is a few people that do hunt and fish, however it has become more of a sport than a way of life. Out of the few people that

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