We Can but Should We Essay

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We Can But Should We? What would happen if you had an emergency and someone you didn’t know called 911? Would they know the medicines you take, what medicines they are allergic to? First responders need to make quick, well informed decisions on high pressure situations. Without access to needed medical information mistakes can be made. (ER medstat 2013) The health care fields here in Marion County are experimenting with technology to make medical treatment more efficient. QR codes are being used to retrieve medical information via smartphones. Smart phones are new age cell phones that are basically a hand held computer. QR codes are quick response codes that are”…two dimensional bar codes that are designed to be read by smartphones. (Patel 2012) These bar codes store many types of information. The medical information stored will assist first responders with swift medical decision making when needed. The concept of QR codes is not a “NEW” idea. Everywhere there is some kind of code being used. At the hospital, codes are being used to scan patient medications and ID bands to ensure the correct patient is getting the correct medication. Codes are used when scanning your car to see if a technical problem is internal. These sensors are no different than the ones being used in the grocery store to scan the bar codes on the groceries. It has just now become accessible in the pharmacy. There are advantages and few disadvantages to this “old” aged technology. The advantage of using a QR code is accessibility. Vital medical information is available in a touch of the hand. With availability to scan a QR code to retrieve vital information right away…a smart phone is all that is required to make this information available within a few short minutes, so that informed treatment decisions can be made more quickly (Courseindex 2013). The account is set up by retrieving a

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