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As a freshman in college social skills play a big role in my everyday life and TM writing style allows me and my friends to communicate in a deeper and more intimate way. For these reasons we use everyday TM style as well as our own improvised words that allow us to be supplementary unique and maintain confidential conversations. Some may misunderstand the misspelling of “kewl” and “wuz” when it requires the same effort to write the authentic word, but this has more to do with the way we pronounce words when we speak to each other. Initially, text messaging seems like a newly discovered fad. Therefore having to write a lengthier word in a message with a phone becomes tedious, thus the idea of shortened abbreviated phrases allows us to write our thoughts in a faster more adequate way. At times in most cases students, become accustomed to typing words such as “you” as the mere letter “u” as well as “the” as “da” and apply it to school written essay’s and other forms of work, that which shows a lack of vocabulary skills and it’s a grammatical error. For example, I recently discovered that being adapted to text messaging with my sidekick, I continually wrote in school work words such as “though” as “tho” which was constantly pointed out by my teachers and peers. Additional word such as “there” and “der” also became part if my vocabulary. Concurrently, having to differentiate words commonly used in text messaging to school work became a problem I slowly overcame. Subsequent, the usage of TM styles as explained plays a vital role in the relationship between my friends and me. We apply TM styles in our everyday interactions not only when we text or talk on instant messengers, but even when we speak. For example if some one says something that might be quite funny right after laughing someone my shout out “LOL”, laughing out loud. As we keep using this style of

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