The Rabbit By Alan Brownjohn Summary

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In this poem Alan Brownjohn was very concerned about the environment and so he uses the image of a rabbit to tell us this. I am going to show how he does it. In the first stanza the first verse “we are going to see the rabbit” is repeated to bring out excitement. Then there is a question which adds excitement too, it is telling us that children and even adult are born with a world with only one rabbit – very rare and all of them are curious to see it. The poet says the definite article ‘the’ to emphasise that it is the only rabbit which is meant to tell us that if there is such a prolific animal is extinct, there is only one left, then wildlife is in peril, what has happened to all the others? Then the poet it is telling us in what type of environment the rabbit is- everything is un-natural; it is on its own behind a barbed-wire fence. To make us breathless when he tells us that the rabbit is being spotlighted by lightings he uses no full stops and wrote them in the form of a list and the rabbit is nibbling grass- which is the only thing that he can do. Then he is portraying us England which has only one patch of grass- urban and un-natural and it is polluted . A strong comment about our way of life is made which is that our life is so hectic that we don’t have time to stop and think…show more content…
In this stanza there is lot of excitement the poet does this by describing the atmosphere, using run-on lines, using the word “and” and that everyone has come a long way. The rabbit is shown as a commodity of profit by using loudspeakers, bands and banners. The blade of grass is an unusual place of describing as there is few. Then there is an anticlimax –rabbit has burrowed down. The people are not aware of what’s happening, they should be angry about what has happened to the world not because a rabbit has burrowed down- which is something that he does
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