We All Want To Be Liked Essay

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We all want to be liked Facebook is a world known website where people can meet old and new friends. It is a website where you can practically “stalk” people, because of the information people keep giving out to the whole world. They share photos of their families, they state every little thing that have happened to them. If you have a friend on Facebook, then you have all the information you need about that one person, and maybe even some of their friends. JP Mangalindan who is the writer of this article, is pointing out the perfect examples for why people is using Facebook. He knows how it is to have Facebook, and he is one of those people with over 1000 friends, and he says “the more the better”, it is like that people is collecting friends, the more then have, the more special they feel, because of the constant motion on their wall etc. The major themes in this article would be, “how do people see me?” And “do people like me?”. Because of the huge desire to tell people about what they have been doing in their weekends, and it would have to be something cool, so that your so called friends would comment on that cool weekend of yours. And many people think that if you are online on Facebook all the time, and you keep stating what you have been doing, then people will get to know you better, and the will in the end know everything about you! And like Mangalindan says “being popular on Facebook is like the digital equivalent of being the kid in 4th grade who get the most paper Valentine's Day card”. He is using a lot of the words that you would use when you are in a conversation, he is especially using the word “like” a lot. The message of this text is that, Facebook is the new social life, you would have to get your profile banned if you want people to get out in the real social life. People is getting more and more engrossed by this website. People have to

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