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Social Media Social media is definitely a revolutionary platform where people from all over the world can communicate whether you are ten miles away or across the country. As much as good social media brings to the 21st century, there is a dark side to it. A new type of crime has been recurring because of social media; this is cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, by sending intimidating or threatening messages. This new type of bullying has been so traumatic and disturbing that it is now considered a legitimate crime one can commit. Recently, #gamergate has been in the news because of its malicious purpose. This hashtag surfaced when a female gamer developer, Zoe Quinn, was accused of having a personal relationship with a journalist who covers gaming resulting in getting favorable reviews of her new game. The comments bashing Zoe Quinn is so harmful and vicious that she is taking legal actions in order to catch these so called “internet thugs”. For example one tweet reads. “If I was Zoe Quinn I would kill myself, so she doesn’t have to die in my hands lol.”. This is only one of thousands and thousands of vicious tweets towards Mrs. Quinn. The gaming industry is trying to do whatever it takes to protect one of their colleagues but the sad truth is that the gaming industry is male dominated so protecting a female against sexist comments are impossible. The #gamergate incident is one of many cyberbullying incidents that put people's life in danger. I’ve also witnessed cyberbullying first hand and let me say that it was not pretty. My peers in highschool created a twitter account dedicated to bashing one of the girls in school. People were calling her a “whore, hoe, and slut.”. It got so bad that the principal had to call an assembly in order to tell the students that bullying student over the internet was

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