In what ways were Blacks discriminated

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Black Americans were discriminated against in many ways including socially through segregation, politically with vote registrations, economically with low income jobs and poverty and through prejudice; racism. Blacks were treated very harshly and unequally and many lived their lives in fear and misery. During 1954-1961, the Brown vs Board decision, the matter in Little Rock, Arkansas, Freedom Rides, Bus Boycotts, sit-ins, marches and demonstrations were steps that were taken in the Civil Rights Movement to end discrimination. Black Americans were discriminated against socially especially with segregation. They faced different issues related to segregation with one of the most important was the segregation to do with education. This affected all levels of education, starting with elementary schools to university level. Black children were forced to enrol at a black only school even if a white school was closer. An example of this was in 1954 with the Brown vs Board decision. This matter was taken to the Supreme Court where it was reasoned that it was illegal to turn away students just because they were black. This case also called the end of segregation in schools. Segregation took part in many other areas of life including public transport. This affected buses and trains. Bus shelters and seats in buses were separate for the whites and blacks, where they sat in different sides of the shelter. In buses, they weren’t to sit in the front sections. There was an area where the blacks could only sit and if the bus got full, the city law states that blacks must give up their seats to whites. In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white as she was sick of the segregation and was tired from work. This event set off a direct action which helped change the history of the United States of America. Another way Black Americans were discriminated was
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