Ways to Manage Stress and Sleep Essay

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Ways to manage stress and sleep First, make sure you are sleeping enough. This may encourage your knowledge of how to relax. The hours of sleep needed by someone differ from person to person, but it is true that during periods of stress we need more sleep, than when life runs smoothly. Keep in mind that if you sleep too much, this can make you feel so bad, as if you sleep very little. The problem of sleep is a common problem of those who feel tension and stress, but do not worry unnecessarily for some bad nights - you can usually replace them with a good night sleep. If you experience difficulty in sleeping, reduce the total daily consumption of tea, coffee and light beverages containing caffeine. One way to cut down on caffeine for heavy coffee drinkers is to drink good quality, discount decaffeinated coffee. Take your dinner early and avoid, having in the afternoon and evening tea or coffee, unless it does not contain caffeine. Do not go to bed with empty or full stomach. Hunger stimulates your body and on the other hand a full stomach will make you feel uncomfortable and difficult to sleep. Drink a glass of milk low in fat before you go to bed. The amino acid (tryptophan) in milk will make you feel sleepiness and you will sleep better. Try to tire yourself physically by engaging in a pleasant exercise, for example, a quick walk or gardening before going to bed. Take a bath and try «emptying» your mind before falling into bed to read or watch TV. Do not watch television programs that arouse or cause fear or violent. Do not employ your brain with problems - they can wait until the morning! Do not take to bed to read things that are relevant to your job. If you can not sleep or if you get up in the middle of the night and you can not fall asleep again, get up, make a drink (prefer something with hot milk and no tea or coffee), do some work that requires no

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