Ways to Love Your Country Essay

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Large growth of population is been a disease of our country,perhaps others think about this,infact the population of the country itself wouldn't be a disease if individuals are productive those who play their role,police man directs traffic,engineer constructs,minister governs,a nature of a prosperious country.Each of us has a purpose of it's existence,willingness of every duty should be an outcome. We,Filipinos has it own way in to show our love for our country from small to bigger act,one atleast should have,likewise studying it shows love for our country,through this we are called to be the young minister,one that rule every law,in early age we trained to be responsible so when the time comes we have the urge to act towards every good will,thus Education is one way to show our love for our country.The will,beyond our power to prevent each act ,those who perform their act which will be effective for one's profession,a task for entire life,profession that helps cultivate country's economic itself,beneath this we show love for ourselves and partly for the country. Action,man must act,we must rather,not a compulsory one but the real willingness,what's gone when we act real?both hand will benefits this,we get something and our country as well.Faithfulness,where men no longer trust each other,those who let temselves doomed,whom were going to cling when we put each other down?we should help each other,for that it will gain

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