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How to get rid of your roommate without committing a crime Do you have a messy or annoying roommate that you hate and want to get rid of? Well right now you cant take the violent illegal things off the list. There are other ways to get rid of you roommate that wont put you behind bars. Mayb`e you can try to annoy them. Try to find the pet peves and have them around non stop. One thing you can try is to make as much noise and be a obnoxious as you can. In the morning you can blast the music that they hate in the morning. You can also play constan anoying pranks on them non stop. These ways should most likely get them to leave. The great thing about using these things is that they are not illegle and you can enjoy the laughter while doing it. If that dont get them to leave no need to break out the poisin yet. There are still some tricks that we have hidden up our sleeves.…show more content…
All you have to do is keep pestering them until finally they end up cracking. You can also emberass them by thanking videos of them doing privet stuff like when there asleep and putting it up on the internet. They will eventually lose all trust in you and will feel discomfor not knowing when you will strike next. That will be a good thing though because they will eventially leave. There will be no harm in that besides embarsment and it wont put you behinde bars. As you can see there are many non violent ways to get rid of your roommate. Another good thing about this is revenge and like people say “revenge is best served cold” and it can be true in some cases but just don't go over board. These are some good ways to get rid of your roommates without getting behind bars. But don't just take my word for it go and try it yourself. If it works then YAY VICTORY! But if it doesn't then don't give up, you will eventually suceed in it. It is as simple as that so keep on all the time and your big pest will be off your
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