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Ways To Conserve Earth's Resources Essay

  • Submitted by: Ashley90
  • on April 6, 2011
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Ways to Conserve Earth’s Resources
For thousands of years people have relied on natural resources for many different reasons. The problem that has been discovered in recent years is that people are using the natural resources much faster than the time it takes for the earth to produce them. If people recycled natural resources, they would be able to be re-used. There are a number of approaches that can be taken to conserve water, energy, and trees.
One of the earth’s resources that can be conserved is water. People should turn off the water while brushing teeth. This is a good way to start; it will probably save gallons of water. When people thaw food out, it is often set in water. They can simply sit the unthawed food in the refrigerator and save their water. Another way to save water is to be cautious of any dripping or leaking pipes or faucets. People should be aware of that faucets are tightly turned off after each use. When doing laundry, it would be a good idea to make sure the water is enough to fit the size of the load. People could take shorter showers to conserve water.
Another of earth’s resources that can be conserved is trees. Trees are by far the one of the most needed resources. People can conserve by recycling all the time or at least as often as possible. If the use of paper was minimized then that would save a large number of trees from being cut down. To help conserve the trees, people should begin to pay their bills online. The community could recycle newspaper, notebook paper, and recycle junk mail that may be lying around. Computers are available all around, but some people would still rather use paper. If people knew the importance of trees and the need of their conservation, then people may contribute to recycling.
Finally, energy is another natural resource that can be conserved. Turn off lights and televisions when their not in use. When the dishwasher is used, instead of letting the dishwasher run through the dry cycle allow the...

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