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Ways to Alter State of Consciousness Essay

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  • on September 19, 2013
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Ways to Alter Your State of Consciousness
Altered State of Consciousness
In this edition, I will be discussing different methods of how to alter your state of consciousness.   So what is altered state of consciousness?   An example, you may be someone with so many problems to keep up with.   You take the time to sit and clear your mind through the use of meditation to escape the pressure of the material world.   This use of meditation is a way to alter your state of consciousness.   Other ways to alter your stat of consciousness that will be discussed are hypnosis and the use of certain drugs.
When people are under hypnosis they are in a trancelike stat of heightened susceptibility to the suggestion of others.   To the people watching it appears that that the person being hypnotized is asleep. However, there is something that contradicts this.   That is the aspects of the behaviors as people are attentive to the hypnotist’s requests, which may end up in a person acting in bizarre and crazy ways.
There are about 5 to 20 percent of the population that cannot be hypnotized at all, while about 15 percent are very easily hypnotized.   Also, the ease at which a person can be hypnotized is related to other characteristics.   For instance, a person who becomes easily absorbed in a novel to the point where they no longer are aware of what is happening around them, this is someone who is usually readily hypnotized.
Meditation is a technique a person uses to refocus their attention.   Meditation basically consists of the repetition of a mantra.
A mantra is a sound, word, or syllable.   For instance, a very popular sound that most people repeat is “ooommm”.   Other forms of meditation consists in focusing on a picture, a flame, or a specific part of the body.   No matter what though the key to the procedure is to focus on an object to the point that the mediator becomes unaware of any outside distractions.
Anyone can do meditation, even you.   All you have...

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