Ways Of Revealing Character Between Emily Grierson

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Cynthia Norton Professor Emily Ryan - Radder 11 March 2012 EN 102 HY3 Spring 2012: Short Fiction Paper Assignment Ways of Revealing Character between Emily Grierson (A Rose for Emily) and Mrs. Mallard (Story of an Hour) There are many ways to reveal character when it comes to short stories. I am going to explain how characters from two stories reveal their character by the actions they present. In these two stories Mrs. Mallard and Miss Emily Grierson have many personal demons when it comes to dealing with the men in their lives. One of them is controlled and has no independence in which she longs for. The other one who is very dependent on the men in her life and then is afraid of being deserted and abandoned. In Story of an hour; Mrs. Mallard is the wife of Mr. Mallard. She has a very delicate heart condition so the news of her husband’s death is broken to her gently. Her husband’s friend Mr. Richards is there at the house along with Mrs. Mallard’s sister Josephine. Mr. Richards was in the newspaper office when he heard the news of the railroad disaster. Josephine started to break the news gently to her sister Mrs. Mallard. After Mrs. Mallard heard the news of her husband’s death; she didn’t react the way you think that she would. Instead of her having that paralyzed inability to accept his death she just wept. The grief she was feeling overcame her and she went to her room to be alone. In her room was an armchair that she proceeded to sink down in a feeling of exhaustion. Her exhaustion totally consumed her that it reached her inner soul. While looking out the window she noticed the top of the trees blowing in the wind, the breath of rain she took in, and the twittering of the sparrows gave her sense of a new beginning instead of death. She continued to sit in the chair; head thrown back and motionless. All you could hear was her sobbing. Staring and

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