Ways in Which Hosseini Tells the Story in Chapter 18 the Kite Runner

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Write about the ways Khaled Hosseini tells the story in Chapter 18 Chapter 18 is very short and follows on from the previous chapter where Amir learns his “entire life… had been a cycle of lies, betrayals, and secrets.” The narration in this chapter is based on this realisation as Amir decides to accept what will become his opportunity to atone for his past sins as he begins his journey on the path to redemption which he has been searching for since the winter of 1975. The narrative in this chapter opens with the use of pathetic fallacy “the sun had almost set… smothers of purple and red” the sun setting symbolises Amir’s return to his dark past and the colours red and purple connote blood which foreshadow the pain that will come in his journey into the past. The use of sibilance in this descriptive imagery is ominous and tells us that danger is coming in the following chapters. The narrator uses irony as an important technique in this chapter as Amir realises he is more like Baba than he ever knew; they share the betrayal of their best friends. Baba, betrays Ali by sleeping with his wife and consequently took away his “naang” and “namoos” (honour and pride), an unacceptable act in Afghan culture where all a man had was his pride. This new information also affects Amir’s relationship with his father and builds on the recurring theme of father-son relationships “Fifteen years after I’d buried him, I was learning that Baba had been a thief” which makes Amir think of Baba as less of the ideal Afghan man he imagined his father to be. These findings also shock the reader and affect our relationship with Baba as we see him in a different light, we remember with Amir as we have been told the stories from his childhood perspective, we know revisit them but with Amir’s new perception and understanding of the events, the signs that Baba was Hassan’s real father become

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