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WAYS TO ADVERTISE After looking at this assignment in more detail, I decided that it would be best if I researched more into advertising and marketing to help me succeed in creating a good advert for my campaign ‘The Dogs Trust.’ I researched somewhat on the Internet about how to advertise and what to consider when doing so. Yet I still felt that this benefit me as much as I would of liked it to. Therefore I got a few television magazines together to see if anything being shown later on in the week could help me a little bit more. To my delight I found that over that week there was going to be a series of Advertising programs called ‘Advertising Uncut,’ shown on Channel 4. I recorded two of these so I could watch them back and make notes. Here is what I found: SYNOPSIS OF PROGRAM ONE: “It uncovers how Business and Advertising agencies measure the response to a campaign and reveals what happens when advertising campaigns go horribly wrong.” THE SECRET OF AD SUCCESS: The British television advertising awards (BTAA) is one of the biggest days in the advertising histories calendar. In 2007 the head jury who had the deciding vote for all the entries was Jeremy Craigen, who is the Executive creative director, of ddb London. WHAT HE LOOKS FOR: Jeremy Craigen tells us what he looks for when choosing winners for the British Advertising Awards: • How strong is the idea? • Is the idea original? • Is it well executed? • Do you wish you had done it yourself? HERE WERE THE RESULTS: Thinkbox Award - The best television commercial of the year Made By: - Sony - Product: Bravia - Title: Paint - Advertising Agency: Fallon London - Production Company: Academy PRINT SCREENS WHY DID THIS ADVERT WIN? Jeremy Craigen says this Sony Bravia advert walked away with the winning award because, “Its originality made it so popular in the

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