The Way Governments should make decisions

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A big issue facing nations today is how should democratic governments actually make decisions and how would these decisions affect the people. Making decisions for the betterment of the people is important to help maintain equality and nationalism amongst the society. The definition of a democracy, is that it is a system in which is for the people and by the people. In democratic systems some people value the right to help make decisions and be apart of the decisions making processes while, others value the idea that governments should make all the decisions. Democratic governments often have to make decisions on important issues, should these decision making processes involve citizens? Before deciding on a side it would be wise to look at all the three perspectives on the issue. Some people believe that government should not intervene at all in the decision making processes and that there should be more individual freedom within the society. This is called direct democracy. People like john Locke believed that citizens should have more individual freedom within the society, and that the people should not have reliance on a higher power but rather than have system where citizens should be able to govern themselves. People in a system like this would likely value individual freedoms because it gives them the right to have a say in what goes on in the decision making processes and gives them the right to their freedom of speech in the political world. Another perspective on this issue is where government should have total and complete control over the entire decision making, where there should be elected representatives representing the people and helping making the decisions. Representation is defined as action or speech expressed on behalf of all the people. Even though Canada is a democracy we are not a true democracy we have people who represent us in the

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