Waves and Sound Essay

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Waves and Sound Worksheet Packet Section 1 & 2 Complete the Venn Diagram listing the charachteristics of mechanical and electromagnetic waves. Where the circles overlap the charachteristics apply to both. Where the circlesdo not overlap the charachteristics are unique. Complete the Venn Diagram listing the charachteristics of the two types of mechanichal waves. [pic] |[pic] | | | | | | |What type of wave is this: TRANSVERSE | | |Label the following parts: crest, trough, amplitude, wavelength, equilibrium | | |position | Section 3 1. What is the period of a radio wave that has a frequency of 88.0 x106 Hz? [pic] 2. What is the frequency of a wave that has a period of 5 seconds? [pic] 3. What is the frequency if15 waves passed in 1.5 seconds? [pic] 4. The speed of all electromagnetic waves in empty space is 3.00 x 108 m/s. Calculate the wavelength of electromagnetic waves emitted at the following frequencies: [pic] a. Radio waves at 88.0 x 106 Hz [pic] b. Visible light at 6.0 x 1014 Hz [pic] c. X rays at 3.0 x 1018 Hz

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