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Waves Review Modified True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true. ____ 1. Sound waves do not carry energy. _________________________ ____ 2. Mechanical waves need a medium through which to transport energy. _________________________ ____ 3. The particles in a surface water wave move back-and-forth only. _________________________ ____ 4. Waves in which the particles of medium move at right angles to the direction of the wave are compressional waves. _________________________ ____ 5. Waves caused by an earthquake are called uniform waves. _________________________ ____ 6. The troughs of a transverse wave correspond to the compressions of a compressional wave. _________________________ ____ 7. The lowest point on a transverse is the trough. _________________________ ____ 8. The amplitude of a wave is measured from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next. _________________________ ____ 9. If the wavelength of a given wave decreases, you know that its frequency will stay the same. _________________________ ____ 10. Two waves have the same frequency and wavelength, but the first wave has a greater amplitude. The energy of the first wave is greater than that of the second. _________________________ ____ 11. Wave A has a greater frequency than wave B, but the amplitude of the two waves is the same. The energy of wave A is greater than that of wave B. _________________________ ____ 12. The unit for frequency is the meter. _________________________ ____ 13. The property of light that allows you to see yourself in a mirror is reflection. _________________________ ____ 14. Sound requires a medium. ____________________ ____ 15. Sound will travel through water at 20°C faster than water at 80°C. ____________________ ____ 16. The

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