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The Wave is a novel written by Todd Strasser. This novel is beginning with a history class in Gordon High School. History teacher Mr. Ross can’t answer his students’ question so he makes an experiment called ‘The Wave’ to try to find the answer. Laurie is a high school student. Laurie is a good girl and she is an independent girl. Laurie is a good girl there are many ways can prove that. First, Laurie is a very smart girl. Also, she is a good student in her school. She is the best student in her classes and she always gets A in her subject. Meanwhile, Laurie is one of school newspaper maker. Every school only best students can make school newspaper. Secondly, Laurie is not a trouble maker. For example Laurie doesn’t argue with her boyfriend David about the Wave. When Laurie feels some strange about the Wave but she doesn’t want to tell David because she likes David so she doesn’t want to make unhappy between two of them. Another example is Laurie doesn’t like the Wave since it start but she not against it because of Robert. Laurie thinks the Wave may be a good way to help Robert because before he was a loser in class and was always sleeping in class. In addition Robert is interested in the Wave and the Wave gives him more confidence. Laurie is a smart girl and she doesn’t want to make any trouble. However, Laurie is also an independent girl. First of all Laurie is not a follower. One is she doesn’t follow the Wave. Lot of students in her history class takes part in The Wave. Her class members want to make The Wave more strongly and encourage other student to attend in but Laurie just stay in her office not do together with them. In addition, Laurie also not attends the Wave’s rally. The rally is all Wave members have to attend in but Laurie not. Second, Laurie has own thinking about the Wave. One is Laurie writes an article for the danger of

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