Watson's Theory of Human Caring Essay

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Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Theories and Models of Nursing Practice/403 August 3, 2015 Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Throughout each nurse’s career, many theories and models have directed the individual practices throughout every specific field of nursing. One of the theories that not only directs a nurse’s practice, but also continues to be a positive influence to the practice is Watson’s theory of human caring. The utilization of Watson’s theory of human caring is extremely relevant within the critical care arena, specifically because of the high acuity of the patient population. The practical application of this theory is explored utilizing several important elements to describe a personal interaction between the patient populations. The Caring Moment Defined Watson (2012) defines the caring moment as, “An actual caring moment occasion involves action and choice both by the nurse and the individual. The moment of coming together in a caring moment occasion presents the two persons with the opportunity to decide how to be in the relationship—what to do with the moment” (p. 71). She further explains that if the moment is spiritual then the chance of openness can occur, making the relationship limitless (Watson, 2012). The successfulness of a caring moment allows the human to human interaction to occur, regardless of the personal and social backgrounds of the participants. In each interaction, the participants display different feelings, thoughts, expectations, spiritual beliefs, environmental respects and individual implications. The historical situations that precede the interaction are multifaceted. These interactions are influenced by the previous history, present moment, and imagined future of the person. Experiences of caring moments within nursing allows opportunities for the nurse to have self-identification within others, and to address

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