Watson' S Human Caring Essay

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Jean Watson Human Caring Theory Hector Bueno Nurs 403 October 29, 2012 Karen Benjamin RN, MSN Nursing has grown to become the main facilitator in the guidance of peoples’ health plans. Since the time of Florence Nightengale and her environmental theory, many different approaches have been brought upon our nursing environment in order to completely and truly understand the anatomy, physiology, and psychology aspect of the human body through theoretical concepts. Through years, theorists have written guidelines in which have allowed healthcare personnel to follow in order to fully meet a persons’ needs. Theorist have based their beliefs on facts that enables the human body to heal properly, enables for the continuance of an established health care plan, and on facts that lead to the deterioration of the human body and mind. From the understanding of how a person can adapt the human body and mind to a present scenario/situation to Watson’s Human Caring Theory, theories have been the back bone of all nursing education. The correct applications of theoretical models have known to create positive ripples in a health care plan. “A caring environment is one that offers the development of potential while allowing the person to choose the best action for himself or herself at a given point of time, the appropriate establishment of a caring environment will promote health, individual, and family growth,” (Wastson, 2012). The humanistic approach of the health profession as well as its’ roots are the values that are followed by heath care providers when providing care to those in need. The caring practice of healthcare personnel is directed toward providing compassion to ease patients and families distress levels and to promote their wellness. The caring values that are carried out among practices are the

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