Watershed: Political Parties In 20th Century American History

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Watershed Name 20th Century American History - 1001 A watershed election is a political vote that changes history. This one caused the Democratic Party to divide. The election resulted in a shift in power favoring republicans for decades to come. Prior to the election were years of poverty and economic depression. In the early 1890’s farmers, ranchers and other country folk started having huge issues. They were growing more crop supply than what was demanded by population. These farmers and ranchers would try to sell their food and they would not make enough because there were only so many people, and a whole lot more farms. The farmers and ranchers would end up needing to borrow. The only other option was to find specialized loans so they could…show more content…
Johnson was impeached back in 1868, Pres. Grant permitted congress to do his presidential duties, turning it into more of an administrative position rather than a position of the public. (Bailey) Ever sense then, the politics of the nation have become more controlled by the government and the system rather their president. The depression that occurred in 1893 could not be helped by Pres. Cleveland, he was powerless against congress. (Bailey) The election of 1896 was considered a watershed. Republicans nominate Ohio Gov. William McKinley and the silver Democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan and the gold standard Democrats switch sides and went with McKinley. (Bailey) This was the first time anything like this had happened in history. Ever sense then there has been a huge divide between the republicans and the democratic parties. McKinley won by a little over 500 thousand votes. Bryan had a majority of the south, and the farmers rooting for him because of his views on the depression and such. However with the cities ever-growing and McKinley was more in the public’s face and got to know more of his voters, along with the railroads that were becoming he just had the public eating out of his
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