Watergate Scandal

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Watergate Scandal On the evening of June 17th, 1972 is the date that marks the occurrence of the Watergate Scandal (Olson). Watergate is located in Washington D.C and was nothing more than an office and an apartment complex (Olson). That changed when the scandal initiated with a break-in at Watergate and five burglars were arrested (Olson). This was quite an unforgettable and shocking scandal to the society of America, and would change the lives of many people involved, such as President Richard Nixon. If it wasn’t for the Watergate Hotel security guard, Frank Willis, then justice would not have been served (Olson). Frank Willis called the police after discovering a piece of tape he had removed from a latch, which had once again been re-taped…show more content…
Liddy, head of CREEP (Olson). This seemed to be working for a long period of time, until the tapes and the decision to cover up the investigation was revealed by one of Nixon’s trustees (Watergate). This went to the Supreme Court where Judge Sirica directed President Nixon to let him listen to the tapes (Watergate). Nixon refused the order, and stated that a president was untouchable from judicial orders and enforcing subpoenas under the concept of executive privilege, he could only decide what decision should be made (Watergate). In the end, Nixon decided to give Judge Sirica the tapes, but afterwards more suspicions grew because he had released edited transcripts (Watergate). As Nixon proceeded, he did not realize that after he gave up the edited transcripts he put himself on the side of the guilty, because later Judge Sirica subpoenaed additional tapes (Watergate). The choices President Nixon made lead this issue to the U.S. Supreme Court, because suspicion grew that the evidence was deliberately destroyed (Watergate). The case had become very serious because they turned the jury over to the House of Judiciary Committee, which then begun the impeachment investigation

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