Water Resources Plan

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Water Resource Plan SCI/275 November 7th, 2010 Mouna Dibenedetto Across the world there are several water resource issues that stand out and have yet been resolved. One main issue is water pollution; according to Wiley (2010) “water pollution is divided up into eight categories such as sewage, disease-causing agents, sediment pollution, inorganic plant and algal nutrients, organic compounds, inorganic chemicals, radioactive substances, and thermal pollution.” The most common water pollution comes from sewage being released into lakes and rivers. Sewage has the potential to threaten public health because it carries disease causing agents and a high biochemical oxygen demand. Sewage also contains wastewater from drains containing waste from humans, soaps, detergents, bacteria and other harmful viruses. Coming up with a reliable management and sustainment plan to alleviate water pollution may take years to implement but it has to start with educating everyone about the hazards of water pollution and the potential health effects that it has. Education about water pollution is most important because it helps us as humans identify with the things we have done over the years to cause such pollution in the water. According to Putatunda (2010) “although certain natural processes may cause some of the water pollution, however, human activity is the largest cause of our seas, rivers, and lakes getting polluted.” My management and sustainment plan to alleviate water pollution will consist of mainly educating everyone about the causes and effects of water pollution and letting it be known that if everyone doesn’t come together to work towards fixing our

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